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  • Schedule Revealed! Time is life. Good luck by using 24 hours without wasting it!

Schedule Revealed! Time is life. Good luck by using 24 hours without wasting it!

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There is a saying that time is money, but time is more important than money and gold.

I know, but I often spend time in a daze, and I regret it.

For people (me) who tend to waste that kind of time, I tried to find out how to reduce “idle time”.

1. Make a time schedule for the day

Hi, I’m making.
I manage it with Google Calendar, but only when I’m using Google Mail. What is on the right side of the PC screen?
If you want to be aware of your schedule, it is recommended that you write it in your notebook and look at it every time.

2. Stop surfing the net
Hi, I think this is my time thief.
Whether it’s on a computer or a smartphone, I end up watching YouTube. Also, it’s online news.
If you don’t have much interest in it, but you end up clicking endlessly and watching videos, it’s because the task isn’t interesting.
You have to do it, but it’s boring. That’s why they run away.

If you want to get yourself done with a task no matter what, it’s a good idea to create a to-do list with a deadline.

Let’s write this in a notebook as well. If you are pressed for a deadline every time you look at your notebook, you can’t help but act.
When you’re done, mark the beginning ☑ of the task and write it on the completed page.

Looking back at the completed pages is useful because it gives you a kind of diary that shows what you did on what day, and it also keeps track of the documents you submitted.

3. Decide the end time of the task

When your schedule isn’t packed, you can spend as much time as you want, but time = life. Is it okay to live a life doing just that? There are times when it happens.

Is it okay to live a life of only work?
Is it okay to live a life of housework?

I also want to read more books and watch movies. If you want to have a lot of fun, I think it’s better to be as unflimsy as possible.

So, in order to make your notebook a good luck tool, we recommend that you write a daily schedule and a to-do list.



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